YA Happy Hour Review

(the above books represent some of the 22 authors who were present at the YA Happy Hour)

Last Friday, October 14, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the Tattered Cover Bookstore’s first ever YA Happy Hour in which 22 Young Adult authors were in attendance. Tattered Cover’s YA Happy Hour came about in large part because on the following day, all the authors were to gather at Littleton High School for the first ever Teen Book Con, an all day event with panels and book signings. When it was first announced that Tattered Cover was going to host a Teen Book Con, I of course was ecstatic and looking to clear my calendar months in advance; sadly, as more information became available it turned out that the Teen Book Con was only open to those who were 13-20 years of age. As I contemplated using the fact that I currently can pass for an 18-year-old and whether or not to use this fact to “crash” the event, other young adult reader fans were emailing and contacting the Tattered Cover about something for the adult fans of young adult literature.

Luckily for myself, and all the other YA adult fans, the Tattered Cover agreed to host a separate event for the adults the night before. The Tattered Cover had managed to avert any further backlash from their adult patrons (a large source of income not only for the store but for these authors as well) and all of us over 21 year old’s would have an evening for ourselves complete with food, wine and beer and of course mingling and signings with the same 22 authors as the teens would meet the following day. I immediately bought my $10 ticket to the event, a truly great deal as I was then able to apply that $10 towards the purchase of a book that evening, and secured a sober designated driver for the evening (my Mom).

As Friday evening quickly approached, I worked to gather all the books by the authors I wanted signed and counted down the days until the event. Finally, Friday arrived and like a kid in a candy store, I found myself clutching a stack of books as I weaved in and out of groups of my fellow bookworm’s, looking for the next author on my list to get books signed by them. Not only did I get to spend sometime speaking with and meeting some of my favorite authors, but I also made some wonderful new friends among the other YA adult readers who were in attendance.

I left the store that evening still hyped up from my discussion with authors: Cat Winters, Sharon Cameron, and Matthew J. Kirby about their books and where they found the inspiration; book bag overloaded with the nine books I had gotten signed that evening, and excited about having made new friends in the book community who I look forward to future book discussions with and seeing at other book signings. From my perspective, I have to say that the evening was a huge success. The event was sold out days before the event and the store was packed. In speaking with the authors they were enjoying themselves and really impressed with what Tattered Cover had managed to put together. Many, both fans and authors alike, expressed the hope that both Friday evening and the next day’s Teen Book Con would prove to be such a success that this would become an annual event with other authors getting a chance to attend.


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