Christopher Moore’s Denver Book Signing

I will readily admit that I am a little late getting on the Christopher Moore train; I did not become aware of his comedic genius until I was in my early twenties and read his farcical take on Shakespeare’s King Lear in his 2009 publication Fool. Following a highly enjoyable reading of Fool, I then decided to tackle his take on the life of Jesus Christ in the book Lamb. Thus, with these two books under my belt, a fan was born.

After having attended my first Christopher Moore book signing last April, I jumped for glee when I saw that he would be returning to Denver on Friday, August 28, 2016 for his latest book, Secondhand Souls. Friday night’s signing, which was held at the Tattered Cover on Colfax Avene here in Denver, was the second one of Mr. Moore’s I have been fortunate enough to attend, and as always he did not disappoint. From the moment he entered the room and stepped up to the mic and podium, Christopher Moore had the audience laughing till tears were streaming down our faces.

If you are a fan, and even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to Christipher Moore, if you have never been to a signing of his, I highly recommend that you attend when next he comes to a bookstore near you. Seeing and meeting Christopher Moore is just as wonderful and fun as attending a comedy club; the laughs are non-stop and the atmosphere light and enjoyable.


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