In honor of this year’s #Pages4Progress campaign, a program which through the sponsorship of World Education and the readers of the world who are working to promote literacy and make education more accessible around the world, that I would take this time to reflect on #WhyIRead.

Firstly, I read because when I reflect on my life and childhood, I have nothing but positive memories of being read to by my parents at bedtime and when I was sick. I remember being introduced to such childhood classics as: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joe Numeroff, the fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson, and the wonderfully entertaining rhymes of Dr. Seuss. As I grew and learned to read myself, I read and re-read The Mouse and the Motorcycle trilogy by Beverly Cleary, The Indian in the Cupboard series by Lynne Reid Banks and Encyclopedia  Brown books. I was fortunate, in that my parents never restricted my reading, dictating what I could or could not read, instead my parents encouraged my reading and would take me every week during the summer to the library to participate in their summer reading program.

I read for those who are unable to: the children who lack the schools and proper education in which to learn basic reading skills, the individuals who suffer from reading disabilities such as dyslexia and out of frustration, lack of encouragement and help have given up on and turned their backs on learning to read, and I read for those who are told their too dumb and shouldn’t even try.

I read because I recognize that I am lucky to live in a country where the government allows me, a woman, to read and receive and educatuon. I know that there are countries in this world where girls and women are restricted from an education and the influence of books based solely on their gender. I read for those who it is outlawed.

This is #WhyIRead and why I take part in #Pages4Progress.


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