The Faeire Prince (Creepy Hollow, #2) Book Review

Title: The Faerie Prince

Author: Rachel Morgan

Type: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

In the second book into he Creepy Hollow trilogy, Violet returns with just weeks remaining before graduation and being a full-fledged guardian. Having messed up her assignment in the last book by introducing a human to the faerie world, then falling in love with said human only to have him betray her, Violet is determined to put Nate behind her and concentrate on graduating as top guarding for her year. Unfortunately for Vi, her goal is made all the more difficult when she is paired with Ryn, her ex-friend, turned ex-enemy and now sort of friend again who she is also having new feelings stirring for. As if passing her final assignment while trying not to fall in love again weren’t enough, Vi also finds herself having to stay hidden from the Unseelie Prince who wants nothing more than to acquire her and use her special gifts of finding people and other faeries with special gifts for himself.

As with the previous book, I received a free copy of the second book in the Creepy Hollow series from eBooks for Review in exchange for an honest review.

Immediately after finishing The Faerie Guardian I started the second book as I was still enthralled with the ending of the first book and needed to know what happened next. Just as with the first book, I devoured The Faerie Prince as quickly as I could because my interest and love of the story and characters continued to grow. As with Vi, I found myself beginning to like Ryn more and more as a character and potential love interest. With the continued escalation of dangers to Vi and her world, I found myself wanting to read as quickly as I could while also not wanting to read too fast as that would mean the story would eventually come to an end. One of the biggest things I loved about this book is that the reader learns more, not only about Vi as a young orphaned girl determined to prove herself, but also about Ryn and their intricately woven past.

Many times sequels fall short of the original and are a huge let down to the point that the reader doesn’t care to even finish the series, luckily this was not the case. The drama just continued to build and grow in it’s intensity. Ms. Morgan proved yet again that she is a masterful storyteller.


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