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“Enchanted August” Book Review

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I received an ARC of Brenda Bowens “Enchanted August” as part of Penguin ‘ First to Read program in exchange for an honest review.

Brenda Bowen’s updated take on the classic “The Enchanted April” I found to be not only a wonderful modern day update but one that was far more enjoyable for me than the original book which it is based upon. I loved that Brenda Bowen moved the story to modern day with it’s main characters traveling from the fast paced lifestyle of New York City to the quiet and laid back place of Little Lost Island, Maine. 

Brenda gives Lott not on an over bearing husband who is unhappy in his job at a law firm, but an adorable son who wants nothing more than love and affection from his father. The character of Rose finds herself saddled with twins, one of whom is facing expulsion from his preschool due to being unruly, and a writer husband who doesn’t seem to have time to help manage the raising of their children. Caroline Deter is made an indie movie star seeking seclusion and privacy following a humiliating loss at the Academy Awards. Finally, the less than happy old woman from the original story, Beverly, is made into an unhappy older gay man who is still reeling from not only from the loss of his long term partner but more recently from that of his beloved cat.

Just as in “The Enchanted April”, each of the main characters finds themselves and come to format new and enduring relationships with one another. Lottie and her husband are reminded of why they married in the first place and through the reawakening of their love for one another, that love extends towards their son Ethan who is finally receiving the attention he’s craved from his father. Lottie’s husband comes to realize just how miserable he was at his job and looks for other means of work in order to not only continue the happiness and rekindled love he’s found with his family but to also be happy in his life overall. Rose and her husband are also given a second chance at happiness with one another, unfortunately this happiness may not last for them. Caroline is able to escape from the paparazzi back home and to finally meet someone who loves her for her and not because she’s a famous actress; while Beverly begins to truly live his life as it is now without his loved ones around anymore, but with the new convoluted family which has formed on the island.

I highly doubt I would ever re-read “The Enchanted April”, but I would definitely re-read “Enchanted April” and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great summer read.

“Enchanted August” is published by Penguin Publishing Group and is available now in Hardcover and ebook formats.